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By Appointment!

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​​Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment

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*2000 - 2019*
$49.70 + $8.25 for CA Certificate
​(Grand Total = $57.95) - Includes: Most 2000 thru 2019; STAR, Foreign & Domestic Cars, Mini Vans, Sport Utility Vehicles, Diesel & Hybrid Passenger Cars, & Light Pickups under 6,800 LBS. The whole process takes about 10 minu​​tes  with appointment!  Price Includes FREE Electronic Transmission of your Smog Certificate to California DMV and AAA.

Appointment is Highly Recommended! Convenient Appointments are available every 15 minutes.
Must Present Coupon at the time of Service. Not Valid with any other offer or coupon.

Expires : 12/31/2021

PayLess Smog Center (818) 889-7411

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    payless smog center

We are an official California DMV approved, STAR Certified, and most experienced Smog Test Center in the region, with over 40 years of automotive experience, (Same Owner/Operator since 1981 with ASE Certified Advance Emission Specialist Certification).

We have been serving the Conejo Valley since 1981 and promise quality & efficient service. We have tested over 250,000 vehicles and offer testing for all vehicle types and classifications. We also offer STAR, Gross Polluter and Diesel Certification. ​ NEW! We are now performing Computerized 3D Wheel Alignment!

  • Utilizing Hunter HawkEye Elite Fully Computerized Alignment System
  • Most Powerful Wheel Alignment System on the Market Today
  • Using Four Powerful Precision Cameras to Measure the Orientation and Position of Each Wheel
  • Sensors Grip the Tire, Eliminating Metal to Metal Contact and Subsequent Rim Damage
  • Meets all Vehicle Manufacturers' Specific Alignment Specification
  • WinAlign Cutting-Edge Software
  • Wintoe Cutting-Edge Software
  • Codelink Lane Departure Warning System  Reset
  • Codelink Forward Collision Warning System Reset
  • Codelink Adaptive Cruise Control System Reset
  • Codelink Vehicle Stability Assist System Reset
  • Codelink Vehicle Traction System Reset
  • Color Printout of before and after readings

  • Serving the Conejo Valley since 1981
  • ​​Smog Testing for All Vehicle Types and Classifications
  • Convenient Appointments Available Every 15 Minutes
  • ​Over 250,000 Tested