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  • Utilizing Hunter HawkEye Elite Fully Computerized Alignment System
  • Most Powerful Wheel Alignment System on the Market Today
  • Using Four Powerful Precision Cameras to Measure the Orientation and Position of Each Wheel
  • Sensors Grip the Tire, Eliminating Metal to Metal Contact and Subsequent Rim Damage
  • Meets all Vehicle Manufacturers' Specific Alignment Specification
  • WinAlign Cutting-Edge Software
  • Wintoe Cutting-Edge Software
  • Codelink Lane Departure Warning System  Reset
  • Codelink Forward Collision Warning System Reset
  • Codelink Adaptive Cruise Control System Reset
  • Codelink Vehicle Stability Assist System Reset
  • Codelink Vehicle Traction System Reset
  • Color Printout of before and after readings

​​Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment

We are an official California DMV approved, STAR Certified, and most experienced Smog Test Center in the region, with over 40 years of automotive experience, (Same Owner/Operator since 1981 with ASE Certified Advance Emission Specialist Certification).

We have been serving the Conejo Valley since 1981 and promise quality & efficient service. We have tested over 250,000 vehicles and offer testing for all vehicle types and classifications. We also offer STAR, Gross Polluter and Diesel Certification. ​ NEW! We are now performing Computerized 3D Wheel Alignment!


(818) 889-7411

 (805) 495-2744  

  • Serving the Conejo Valley since 1981
  • ​​Smog Testing for All Vehicle Types and Classifications
  • Convenient Appointments Available Every 15 Minutes
  • ​Over 250,000 Tested